art by Tessa Thornberry

art by Tessa Thornberry


The reason this blog is happening is because I found new passion and purpose when I joined The ManKind Project in 2010.  In the years before, although I had a successful career, a wonderful family and a rich and exciting life, I struggled with depression and cynicism and a tendency to disconnect and numb out.

In the process of digging into my inner life, I began healing old wounds and considering my habits and approaches to life.  I found that I had been asleep at the wheel for a lot of life, acting out of unconscious reactions.  

When I decided to become radically accountable for my thoughts, actions, words, and even my feelings, I found a new passion and purpose.  


I had been informally blogging for some time on Facebook already, and with my new focus, my posts evolved into very personal and vulnerable offerings.  

As I became more and more open in this public realm, I got some really positive feedback.  Many of my friends told me that my writing was helpful to them.  And so I wrote more!  

Last year, I started writing poetry as well, and discovered I really liked it.

Then it took a little more help from my friends:  David Holzer became my writing mentor;  Michael Stern did the website, Tessa Thornberry did the art, and my wife Alycia held down the fort and made it all work. Thanks friends!!!


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